Calling adventurous hedonists…

A picture from the homepage of Wuiz Mendez..

This picture appears on the homepage of Wuiz Mendez.

Recently I birthed a website for Erika van Breda who’s a brilliant photographer, has lectured on the subject at two colleges and is now also offering part-time courses privately. What struck me on the opening page was the following:

Daring, gutsy, bold, animated, frolicsome, carefree. If you are fearless of all of the above, then consider this to be your entry ticket to the world of Wuiz Mendez Unconventional Photography Courses.

Daring….. carefree. Those words describe a dedicated hedonist so well. It takes daring to face the criticism that being a hedonist brings, not to mention gutsiness and boldness. But if you ‘give yourself over…to absolute pleasure’, (Thank you Rocky Horror Picture Show) then the result will be someone who becomes animated, frolicsome, carefree.

Clearly Erika knows that people who really live life see a little more than most, and will be keen to document such and show it to the world. I think she’s targeting the right market. And of course, if you fit this description and want to properly preserve the memories of the amazing things you experience, feel free to look at at your earliest convenience.


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