The Last Simplifying

Wave the white flag in graceful surrender to the moment. Or let it wave itself and enjoy your hammock.

This is interesting in that it’s often said that the dying get down to basics and cut the crap. Stan Goldberg writes for the and he serves the dying in a hospice. Here’s an excerpt from this article:

From my hospice friends I’ve learned much about living and dying. In serving them, I’ve come to believe that the baggage I’ll tote with me to my death will determine it’s complexity and quality. I’ve seen what happens when you wait too long to simplify. When you forget to luxuriate in the present moment. When you don’t forgive the thoughtlessness of others. And when you’re too afraid to ask for forgiveness. From my friends I’ve learned the importance of doing all of these on a daily basis. Nothing profound, just simple routine things like appreciating every moment I’m alive. Telling my family and friends that I love them. Expressing gratitude for even the smallest kindness shown to me. Being accepting of the unskillful words and actions of others. And asking for forgiveness when I screw up—which still happens more then I would like.

And why you may ask, should a hedonist think about death, which is a bit of a skeleton at any feast? Because being a true hedonist is precisely about luxuriating in the present moment, as he so beautifully puts it.

So stop frowning, you’ll make an ugly corpse. How so not like James Dean.


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