On the other hand…

Yesterday I waxed on about how much I love my bike. But there are of course downsides to everything. Today I had to borrow a car to drop off my latest DappleShade in Cape Town. (I had a top-box for a while which got its lock smashed one dark night. Nothing in there so they lost out and I lost out.

Back to today’s errand – my timing was bad and coming back to the Southern Suburbs I was caught in traffic along with everyone else, i.e. other motorists. How do people do this every day? I didn’t get beyond 2nd gear until well after Claremont. It’s amazing.

Funny thing is, the motorbikes sped past between the cars and from where I was sitting it looked pretty damn dangerous! And yet, when one is riding that bike, it’s great!  You can take it as read that nobody on those bikes was in second gear… They were at home with their families or buddies by the time the rest of us were still inching around hospital bend. And I mean inching.

I did say downsides, didn’t I? Well I meant to say something about the space constraints, how you can’t put something delicate and squashable like my cargo today, into a backpack or a topbox and expect it to arrive at the other end and look like it would if it had been gently lying on a car-seat all the way there. But somehow the downside turned into another upside.

Oh well. I’ll have to find something wrong with riding a bike. Maybe tomorrow or some other time.


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