Life: Too serious to be taken seriously.

To be chosen as someone’s mentor is a deep honour, one that has happened to me only once. Does a part-time mentor count? A greater privilege still is to have a mentor yourself. Evidently there was actually an ancient Greek called Mentor who started it all. (No not the minotaur, that was something completely different and altogether less helpful.) I owe so much to my mentors, one of whom, Janice Howarth, passed on last year on the 7th June. Numbers play a large part in my life and to me it’s significant that my other mentor has a birthday the day before my late mother’s birthday on the 6th June, and Janice passed away the day after. It’s as if there is a confirmation that these two are my Other Mothers, just like I have Other Brothers.

Janice on our day in London.

Janice was wise, wicked, wonderfully warm but irreverent in the way that deeply spiritual people have. There was a sense of mischief for which the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu are also well-known. I have never met anyone less judgmental than Janice. I think to have someone in one’s life who is twenty years older than you are is about the right age gap for a mentor. It’s so encouraging to know that they’ve been through life’s darkest valleys (and I mean really dark – the kind that make most people crack) and there they are smiling along, taking it all so much less seriously by now.

Once I was grimly pressing on through a crisis that was assuming immense proportions in my mind, only to be brought up short by an evil giggle from Janice and a sidelong glance: ‘You’re going through hell aren’t you.’  And yes of course,  it was about a man, my pain was self-inflicted and she had the ability to help me to shrug it off to agonise about on another day. For now, there was fun to be had, and this day wasn’t coming back. Ever. Another time I was making a total fool of myself (over a different man) and when I later gently picked on her for not stopping my ridiculous behaviour, she matter-of-factly replied that it’s a complete waste of time reasoning with a woman whose hormones are yelling harder.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t get to say goodbye. With both my mentors, I have an excellent telepathic link, and on the Sunday before she went, I had an incredibly strong urge to phone her. But for whatever reason, I didn’t. Then it became so overpowering that I phoned that Thursday only to have her boyfriend answer the cell. He’d been trying without success to get hold of me but my cell number had changed. She’d been in a coma the entire week before she left us on the Monday in the week I phoned, and the funeral was next day, on the Friday. It was impossible for me to attend. What I’ve learned is to take hunches seriously, especially if the thought comes back again and again, even if it seems random to begin with.  This is becoming a habit now and if it was the last thing she taught me, I will learn it well. It’s already saved me a lot of hassle.

There was no end to Janice’s naughtiness and kindness, her openness to new ideas and her great capacity for love. I shall miss my compadre for the rest of my life and I hope I’ll be able to act on the inspiration she was. Even now, the memory of her consoles me in that I ask myself  ‘What would Janice have done?’ And sometimes all it needs to clarify my thinking is to follow her example and lighten up.

We’ll have a lot to catch up on, but in the meantime I have some very stylish high heels to follow. Strange – that came out initially as high ‘heals’ – Janice? Was that you?


2 thoughts on “Life: Too serious to be taken seriously.

  1. Thank you so much for that beautiful tribute Ran. You were so special to her and brought her so much joy. From where I sit, it seems that her happiest years were with you and I wish with you that there could have been more.

    I can just hear her mischievous giggle when she reminded you years after a discussion that you’d proved her point…

    So enjoyed reading this – you really bring her back alive – even though it moved me to tears all over again. There will never be another Janice but I look forward to the reunion on another plane. To have met her and spent the time with her that I did was already a massive blessing and I count myself most fortunate.

    Let us not weep because it’s over – we will smile because she happened to us. And thoughts of Janice invariably bring a smile. That can’t be said of many people.

  2. Janice Madelain Howarth . . . . . had another surname before, but it eludes me now, was changed by her ex husband for a nonsensical reason, to me anyway.
    When she was born as a soul she was named Oryn, and she was so proud of her name.
    Oryn in numerical numbers calculate to Nine: The spiritual meaning of number Nine bring us to the very height of vibrational frequencies in this number sequence. Nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence in our circumstances. The spiritual meaning of number Nine deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things. Nine beseeches us to recognize our own internal attributes, and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference.
    At her funeral there was a smartie box of people. Old, Young, Men, Woman, Idian, Black, White, Agnotic, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Sufi, Spiritualist, Healers of very many modalities and and and.
    The golden line that went though all the memories of morners was one of, the individual’s recollection that Oryn made them feel that they were the most important and loved being in the universe. I was dumbfounded when I realised that her intervention had always cut through that individual’s life purpose. How did she know this, and how did she follow through in the lengthy process of maintaining the healing process?
    She introduced me to my two guides Jakiel and Mara, and I obviously enquired about hers, thereafter. She had twelve angels as guides and she knew every single angel by name and precisely what their functions were. In her last days she gained another two, as if twelve were not enough. I was told that she used these angels specifically to continue a project on a soul once she started with an intervention. How could she ever fail, with such a backup? She could not!!! She turned out to be a master conductor of the very same entities that she had for herself, and used them for others. Can you imagine?
    Her own struggles in this life had to do with tolerance, due to mainly two abusers. She had failed in previous lives with the same lesson with one of them and she was determined in this life not have the lesson come back as a repeat. The other lessons were her joy, that of unadulterated and unselfish service to mankind. We can all bear witness to this.
    She had a very naughty streak in her and she used to revel in people being embarrassed when she said things that society or convention would scoff at, she simply said thing precisely the way they were and for the life of her could not understand why people wanted to take a long route instead of a short one!
    Oryn loved nature, and I really mean loved. She had a Godly respect for every facet of our earth’s evolution and she kept herself actively involved in maintaining the balance.
    Me, I hung on for dear life. We would talk days away around a a specific spiritual issue. Sometimes I thought I won the debate only to be reminded years later that I was proving her point.
    She was so many things to so many people
    Must add she grew up in a very big and very poor family and her most amazing memories were those of her mother and father and of the struggles they had to endure to survive.
    To me she was everything . . . . . . . .

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