Soundtrack to ‘Nothing Personal’

When I heard this music on the Diner’s Club commercial on TV, I had to find the original. This is the original, slightly reworked. I like the sounds of gunfire in that they add a ‘drum’ to the voices, which is very effective. My blog – ‘Nothing Personal’ (Jan 30 2011) went on for many words, but this song says it all, so much better than I ever could.

A different version, featuring two other songs as well as an alternative version of this one at the end with the inclusion of a church organ (stunning) is here.


One thought on “Soundtrack to ‘Nothing Personal’

  1. This is probably the most watched post on my blog. Every day one or two people look at it and click on the links.

    Not counting me – I need this music like my body needs food. Maybe I should branch out a bit, but it mimics my behaviour in restaurants. Stick with what you know is sublime…

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