Encouragement and help is always to hand.

Looking at my photo yesterday of my devastated room after the burglars had systematically and specifically looked for valuables and left with only the most valuable technology, I spotted this card stuck on the bookcase – you may see it in that photo, it’s a bit blown out but you’ll recognise it from this pic. What it says is self-explanatory, and rather funny because I needed some urgent calming down while I surveyed the chaos. I nearly did go mad in that instant.

It reminded me of another ironic and helpful message of hope – this one embroidered on a bag the burglars didn’t swipe from my friends during Saturday’s burglary: ‘If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.’ Oh — thanks for that…

During December last year, my son had cause to investigate the house he’d been renting to a dude who’d suddenly stopped paying the rent after three years of impeccable behaviour. The story from the estate agent later was that the guy had died. To this day the whole affair is a mystery.

Aaaaanyway, squatters had moved in, unbeknown to my son, and the devastation was something to see. I happened to be visiting the family when this all became known and went there with him. It was so filthy that I wanted to bath once we’d left the place. Someone had made a fire, the walls got full of soot, and there’d been a clumsy attempt to wash them. Basins were broken, one was lying in the courtyard behind the outbuildings. And so on… I won’t go into detail about the state of the pool, but a couple of alligators from Alabama wouldn’t have looked out of place in there amongst the slimy bubbles. In the kitchen was a fridge-magnet that proclaimed: ‘The more I deal with people, the more I like animals.’



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