Very strange

The rate of views on one of my blogs has shot up by more than 700% over two days. It puzzles me so much, am mystified and fascinated. It’s the blog about putting your best face forward.. or else.

Why would more than a hundred clicks suddenly happen on a blog posting when normally I consider it interesting if more than five people clicked on anything? Too weird for words.

If I ever find out what caused this onslaught I’ll definitely post it.


7 thoughts on “Very strange

    • I laugh!
      Debut, huh?

      Cape Town . . .
      like Atlantis . . .
      the sea is in your air . . .
      the vinyards are in your streets . . .
      wildlife plays in your back yards . . .
      people reconcile their differences with ease . . .
      the mountains invade your minds with dew laden pure air.
      XX Ant

      • Yay! That’s an impressive dress rehearsal but it could be your first blog. Clearly you’re a poet. It’s selfish not to share. I was told this at an early age.. 😐

        It really is beautiful. The more you re-read it the more it yields, like a haiku. Great stuff.

        Respeck!!! XX

  1. Oh man, am just drinking in these lovely comments. Thank you so much Ant. As I said a couple of blogs back – compliments help you to carry on and these really do.

    Yes I did realise that there were figures that weren’t included on the blog stats, which was a comfort!

    As for our Kate – yes, there is a great deal to love. I miss her terribly, and her blue-green voice. Which goes so well with her bright red hair. 😀

  2. Could it not be that you have caused a small flurry in a social site somewhere
    (it wasn’t me . . .)
    Could it be that you write well and have interesting insights and deserve your daily dose of Humble Hedonism to spread.
    Ours is not to reason why, ours isbut to do and FLY . . .

    • It’s incredible Ant, how you have this uncanny knack of commenting with something so uplifting when I’m really starting to wilt at the thought of how I’m going to write something new every day till Januray 2012. I need to lean heavily on the Muse.

      The even weirder thing re the number of views was that after I posted that, there was complete silence for two days. Nada. And then two views of ‘Very Strange’. I followed the trail back to the site that posted the referring link but it petered out in a ‘shorten your links’ site. So the mystery remains on the don’t know shelf.

      Love that about life in general – so unpredictable, so mysterious! And your blog? Is there one? I have heard rumours of your wisdom…

      • Thank you – your acknowledgement is meaningful to me.
        I marvel at your energy.
        Admire it in your writing.
        In the mind that makes those images in paper, in print and in flickr.

        I read your eMail so I don’t show as a “reader” stat (probably) but I read my eMails.

        Your intuition is right, I do write but at present not publicly.
        Kate is a blabbermouth and I love her.

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