Enter new character from left of stage.

Today I met a most interesting woman on the train. Or rather on the platform at the Fish Hoek Station. I asked her whether she knew what time the next train was arriving. She wasn’t sure… she didn’t travel by train often, was only here for a three-month stint, and so on. Turned out she was on her way back from Simonstown from the foundry, where she’d taken delivery of some of her sculptures. She lives in the UK in London which she loves (how refreshing to hear someone say that they love London) and she’s a sculptor, exhibiting once a year at the Affordable Art exhibition in Battersea.

We exchanged contact details, discussed many things and I nearly missed my stop – but saw the station name just in time. And so a pleasant time was passed. I was thinking just now how nice that all was. Whether she becomes a close friend or not in the future is really immaterial. The chat was fun, and the glimpse into another life illuminating and diverting. It’s always fun to hear about the life behind the face.

And then after that thought, the thought of how really important people in my life have wandered in, so unexpectedly and so … without fanfare really. some have changed my life completely, others turned it upside down. And you can really never tell at the time, whether you will ever see that person again, or whether you will make a special room in your heart for them, with en-suite bathroom and a bar fridge – fully stocked at all times of course.

Life is indeed a tricksy thing.


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