Prayercito for Sudden Upheaval

Dear Brave Souls: Prayericito for Sudden Upheaval

by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes on Friday, 11 March 2011 at 13:50

May all pathways to safety be opened,

seen, and safely taken.


May all who are lost be found

and lifted to safe ground.


May all without shelter be given refuge


May all who are naked and cold

be covered with warmth


May all who are frightened be calmed

by Mind greater


May all who are injured, receive timely aid


May all who are trapped, hold on,

sensing strength of the ancestors near.


May all who are alone and frightened

be comforted by invisible Hands


This we ask, in the name of all that is Holy,

each in her own way, each in his own way…

that all imperiled and saddened be


sealed into vitality with the light of the angels and the saints;

sealed into animating spark with the light of the Bodhisatvas;

sealed into holy and fullest life by the sound of the breath’

sealed into repair by the sound of the stars overhead chanting





and Aymen

and Aymen

and Aymen



so be it,

so be it,

so be it.


and with love.


From us all:

Tribe of the Sacred Heart, many of us, Scar Clan…

from us all.


and with love too, from dr.e



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