Wednesday Morning 3 am

Today’s song is Wednesday Morning 3am by Simon and Garfunkel.

Wednesday doesn’t seem to be a big day for songwriters. It’s truly an everyday sort of day. Languishing in the middle of the week, neither the beginning (stressful) or the end (joyful) it just is. Perhaps it’s achieved perfect detachment like an advanced buddhist lama.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning 3 am

  1. Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. – Simon & Garfunkel is a lovely song from a time when they really sang from the heart.

    Now I know that you and your readers can Google/Bing/AltaVista or whatever, but I thought I would put together a quick reference for anyone wanting more Wednesday songs – in no special order:

    Waiting for Wednesday – Lisa Loeb – Tails
    Ruby Wednesday – Eskimo Joe
    Six Weeks Till Wednesday – Lotus – Beautiful Day
    Wednesday – Jimmy Eat World
    Wednesday – Tori Amos – Scarlet’s Walk
    Ash Wednesday – Shivaree
    Ash Wednesday – Elvis Perkins
    Wednesday Week – Elvis Costello
    Wednesday Week – The Undertones
    Wednesday – Drive-By Truckers
    Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting – Charles Mingus
    Wednesday Morning – America
    Wednesday Night Waltz – Chet Atkins
    Wednesday Night – Elton John
    Wednesday In Your Garden – The Guess Who
    Wednesday Evenin’ Blues – John Lee Hooker
    Wednesday Jam – NYC Band
    Wednesday Like A River – Sheila E
    Wednesday Lover – Charlie Wilson
    Wednesday Lover – The Gap Band
    Wednesday Lover – Jagged Edge
    Wednesday The Third – Saves The Day
    Wednesday’s Child – Emiliana Torrini
    Wednesday’s Song – John Frusciante
    Wellington’s Wednesday – Weakerthans
    (April) Spring, Summer, And Wednesdays – Status Quo
    Snowboarding On Wednesday – Fletch

    She’s Leaving Home – The Beatles, is one of my favorites for many reasons – the plaintive tones etc. but most of all because it is a song about the mother of my children.

    • Oh my goodness!!!!! Ant, thank you.

      What happened here is that I arrived home somewhat tired after staying over at a friend’s… (read ‘bearing my vineyard flu before me’) and without thinking about it, found the post I’d drafted for Wednesday, and simply hit publish, after wondering in print what had non-inspired songwriters about Wednesday.

      What I’d forgotten was that this was just a place-holder, constructed on Sunday evening for when I had more time on Wednesday to find other songs. Of course when Wednesday came bright and early I was neither, and assumed this had been all I could find.

      Thank you so much for redressing the situation! I shall issue a correction, with links (if I can find them all!) so that these can be simply clicked on as a treat to the readers. Very grateful to you and that you’re more awake than I am today.

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