Friday I’m In Love

This is a great one to finish the series off with because… well, listen and watch and enjoy. If you weren’t feeling exuberant when it starts, I think you will be by the time it ends. It’s by the Cure and I love how they dress it up.

The best thing about music is how it can completely change your mood. It’s so powerful because it appeals to a more ancient, more instinctive and primitive part of our brains, like smell.

A song or a perfume or aroma brings back an entire room with everyone in it, in a split second. It’s amazing. Roll on the good times, past as well as future.

Well – seeing it’s Friday and all people (well most people) really love it, including songwriters, here is David Bowie’s version of Friday on My Mind as well.

And seeing you need to go gently into that good uh… evening… here ‘s Katie Perry, with Last Friday Night – as inspiration or dire warning. You’re welcome to choose.

And – there are words so you can sing along.


Enjoy your weekend, unless you have other plans.


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