Spirals, Clouds and Motorbikes

So it all began very well, my Sunday. Was up early, (It’s amazing what the slightest intention can do.) fed the cats and hung up my laundry. Hey I hit the ground ru… okay strolling but strolling with intent. After a swift breakfast I fetched out my board which is to support a leopard, a road, tall dry grass all around – you get the picture… actually nobody gets the picture till it’s been painted so I’m getting a move on. It needed a final coat so did that in the increasingly hotter sun… lovely feeling, need to be in the sun a whole lot more.

It all felt very zen, especially when I sanded it later. I had to photograph the beautiful spiral that happened when I poured the last bit of paint on. Am going to try iStockphoto soon – as a designer some of the time, I have a faily good idea of what can be useful as a background, so I look forward to this. Hey, trying is free I hope.

Then came the cleaning of my studio – a complicated exercise because some of the paper on the rowdy table contained images (which need to go on my website), from work done a while back that I’d suddenly found while I was looking for other things. There they all lay roaring for attention… so the computer had to be switched on. Normally that’s rule no.1 – never switch on the computer till the place is pristine otherwise you’ll get sucked into the vortex of interesting stuff on the net – and yes it happened this time too.

Scanning is never just scanning. I’ve been smacked with the ADD stick in a big way, so I cannot bear to stand there and watch that little beam of light buzz along ever. so. slowly. and then! all. the. way. back. a. gain. So I divert myself with email – not good on a Sunday, (which is why I like Mondays); Facebook; my WordPress stats; the latest news from Japan… anything, anything, rather than sit there while my soul turns to dust and trickles out from under my toenails. Meditation and contemplation are different. This is boredom incarnate.

So eventually the stuff was scanned. I managed with help from my Inner Guido and Sieglinde (don’t call her Zig) to stop, after enhancing one of them. That was not on the agenda today, said Guido. Red Hill however, was. Sieglinde muttered something about the drawings still to get out as well so as to avoid a last minute rush at the end of the week… so with a mighty effort I shut down the computer and had just finished the last little dusting when my sister phoned.

Brilliant – I invited her along to Red Hill. We’d been planning an outing to Cape Point but Red Hill it was, since the day was getting middle-aged. Off we went on our little bikes. The day was magnificent. Only 25 degrees instead of 38-40 as it had been yesterday.

There were a few people on the path up to Kleinplaasdam, and I found it interesting to predict who return our Hi’s and Hello’s and who wouldn’t. It was also worth noting that if someone hadn’t answered our greeting (there’s a Code, people – when walking in Beauty – you say Hello. It’s the countryside – you’re not in the city where you have to be all Noo York. Get over yourself.) then I was somewhat disinclined to greet the next person we encountered. Silly. And invariably, when I didn’t greet them, they’d greet me. Oh dear. Now I’m the fake Noo Yorker with no Walk in Beauty Code.

Eventually we found a great spot and squinted at some ducks and Egyptian geese a way off, enjoying the different calls, and eating fruit. A flock of birds came to land on the water, utterly beautiful. Deepak Chopra refers to flocks of birds or schools of fish as evidence of a group soul. I’m fairly convinced of this. There is no apparent communication between them, they wheel and dip as one organism with one mind.

We spoke of many things and enjoyed yakking and being quiet. It’s been months since we’ve had a proper visit and this was really the best thing we could have thought of. Finally, we got up and made our way down the hill again. C was the one responsible for the pictures I’ve posted – if she hadn’t turned round to notice the clouds and the sunset, I would have kept on trudging, looking at the ground and being careful not to twist an ankle on the loose stones.

I was also noticing the plant forms around us but the light was going and it was wisest to keep looking where I was going. C however had real cross-trainers on her feet and could concentrate on higher things. And I’m so glad she did.

'A savage place! as holy and enchanted/ As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted/ By woman wailing for her demon-lover!'

Going home, C waited for me on Boyes Drive because I was taking so long. I zoomed straight past her thinking she’d seen me but she hadn’t. After some time, she doubled back to find me. No accidents in sight, so she decided I’d gone on home and that somehow she hadn’t seen me. I meanwhile, had waited for her some distance further on, and when she didn’t come, sent her a text message saying I’d gone home. Then I changed my mind and went to her flat. It was dark. No-one home. I took fright and phoned her just as she phoned me. We were both waiting outside each other’s homes…

Good to end such a lovely day with a giggle and relief that we’re both still on the planet. And I have a new method to make sure I get out and have fun instead of succumbing to inertia – invite someone along. Guido and Sieglinde don’t count…


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