Provided That…

There’s a very useful little app I use in life, called ‘Provided That’. I think I learned it via More To Life but I’m not entirely sure. Doesn’t matter, the main thing is that this little fragment of wisdom arrived in my life some time in the last five years or so. The other main thing is to remember to use it, like all the other life-training tools one picks up on this and other self-development courses.

You’ve probably already guessed what this entails, the ‘Provided That’ app. It’s something I use to get myself to do something when I don’t want to do it but I have to. So I pacify my Inner Child (did I mention my busy brain? Yeah it’s pretty crowded in there especially since Guido the Inner Funmeister arrived.) by saying, ‘Okay I’ll do it provided that (name treat or condition as desired). It can be as simple as the other day when I was really tired, too tired to get up and do whatever had to be done.

And up it came in my mind: ‘Okay I’ll do it, provided that I can finish this page first.’ Which I did and then found it effortless to go and get whatever it was, out of the way. It’s amazing how well this works. Life doesn’t have to be a vale of tears. Chuck in a few ‘Provided Thats’ and you can wangle a whole lot more fun on the way to your destination.

We all have to sometimes do something when we’d rather be doing something else. It can be something as simple as promising yourself a saunter through the junkshop on the way back from buying bread… boring errand, and it doesn’t have to be. If you like junkshops like I do, that is.  The production of fun sometimes demands a little intention and some concentration, and the will to bother to produce it. It’s very easy to get grim, head down, let’s get it over with, hurngh hurngh hurngh. And then life becomes a wrestling match, when it could be a dance.

Shall we dance?

(Please Note: leaping out of the car and running round it before the light changes is both dangerous and inconsiderate to other drivers. Putting the music on loud while you dance around the car adds insult to injury.)


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