Go here at ONCE! Please.

There is this amazing blog which appeared on Freshly Pressed today – The Urchins. As far as blogs are concerned, this is the find of the year for me. I feel as if I’ve come home.

When I would normally be whiling away my time (while something is loading, rendering, saving) shuffling along in the mudflats of the web and trying to find something worthwhile to feast on, this has been there all the time. Not one delightful read forever, but two discoveries – Missed Connections on CraigsList!

They provide the link in the blog for today – go there and treat yourself.

You’re very welcome! Excuse me while I talk with my brain full.


8 thoughts on “Go here at ONCE! Please.

  1. I discovered the other day that my computer, on boot up, “talks” a lot with Afrinic.
    Their web page states that: AfriNIC is a non-government, not-for-profit, membership based organization, based in Mauritius that serves the African Internet Community. AfriNIC is the Regional Registry for Internet Number Resources for Africa. Membership is open to anybody.
    Now I am not going to say that it is this “conversation” between my PC and them that causes me to not see things “out there” – it could well be someone/thing else – but still . . .
    I have now trained my anti-virus app to block all communications with the ip address associated with Afrinic.

  2. Unavailable again Sav – maybe there is a country issue – as in People in the states can but the rest of the world can’t . . .

    • This is very odd. You’re still in South Africa and so am I. But this happened before, in that Kate wanted me to see something you’d sent but I couldn’t find it for love or money. Please give it a try at a cybercafe – it’s really worth seeing.

  3. To the under sung of the internet,
    who dare to step into a moment like these,
    to open a whole new universe of possibilities,
    true romantic.

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