Syd Kitchen

Am working rather frantically towards a looming deadline so here is a music video which I think you’ll all find very beautiful and moving. It’s stunningly well made, and a great foil for the guitarist and music legend late of Durban, Syd Kitchen.

View it here.

Syd was not a wealthy man; he lived for his music and inspired many,  many people. He had married fairly recently and my heart goes out to him and his grieving family and friends. Sadly I never saw him play, and now I regret it more than ever. It was always something I had to get to, some time.

PS – added 14 4 2011: One Small Seed is a great site to visit for creative input. They have this to add about Syd. I find it terribly amusing that the writer in the interview by One Small Seed keeps referring to him as ‘old’ but that’s because I don’t really fully realise how old I’ve got when I wasn’t looking. Guess we all do eventually, what.


2 thoughts on “Syd Kitchen

    • Hi Ant! I really appreciate this, I hadn’t seen the website at all. Very very stylish, beautifully designed. I will do a screenshot – I see it’s just that page that’s left on Google’s cache and when that’s gone, it’s gone.. I’ll post it as a P.S. on that blog. The more I know about him the sadder I get. Still, musos, actors, artists, writers never die – their voice and their work lives on.

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