I am still alive

There was a very stubborn Jew in one of the concentration camps in WWII. The camp doctor was using him as one more experiment. He submitted him to extreme cold, heat, kept him awake for days and weeks….(I wonder how Bradley Manning is doing at the hands of his compatriots btw) and the poor man would stumble back into his quarters at the end of each experiment, more dead than alive.

His fellow inmates would warm him with their bodies, and tend to him as best they could with the nothing that they had. But the man’s spirit was unbroken… I forget whether he eventually succumbed to his injuries (it’s highly likely) but what I loved was the way he stood as straight and tall as he could at morning roll-call to look his torturer in the eye and say ‘Good Morning, Kommandant. I am still alive.’

So – I have merely been working my arse off lately (and there is a fair amount to work with thank God) but – I am still alive. And that is why there’ve been no posts for several days. Even that had to be put aside.

But ideas have been festering and fretting to be let out and writing will resume. Actually – hey, it has already. And now Guido says it’s time for a long bath. Sieglinde, faithful slave driver’s work is done and she’s hung up her whip and has gone off for a beer. Only one.


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