Frack Shell

Maybe you’re getting tired of the Anti-Fracking by Shell in the Karroo campaign but do hear Lewis Pugh, at a recent gathering where Shell presented their case, and assured the audience that they weren’t going to harm anything or anyone with their intention to blast all kinds of hell out of the shale underlying the Karroo… I think you’ll be heartened and inspired.

So – please boycott Shell and sign the petition here.

Yes, I know –  I’m not all about having fun today but it truly is a humbling and a hedonistic experience to travel through the vast space that is the Karroo, in its unspoiled splendour. That Shell’s proposal is receiving even a moment’s consideration is criminal. But then the government is also considering allowing an Australian company to mine the pristine dunes of the Wild Coast. It’s all about money in back pockets but if there’s enough of an uproar these people can and will be stopped.

Every voice counts.


2 thoughts on “Frack Shell

    • MMmm. That’s such a good question. I really don’t know. The Karoo would be a good place for windfarms, but to compensate for the mechanicalness of it (Oooh, WordPress’s editing software doesn’t like that word), I think they should be grouped in clusters like trees, scattered randomly. Why they have to be in straight lines is beyond me. And they should be manufactured in olive green. They have a certain beauty, but not all would agree. It’s an interesting thought. A better place would be in the backyards of homes, like they are doing in e.g. the Netherlands and Germany among other countries. Households generate what they need and sell the surplus to the government. It’s like having a money tree in your backyard. Keeping the Karoo utterly unspoilt even for ‘worthy causes’ is the first prize. Then again… there’s the Southern African Large Telescope at Sutherland. Also could be called a blot on the landscape in that it’s geometric and not organic looking. But your solar panels/tower pics you referred me to are amazing. I think they do have beauty and enhance the area rather than detract from it, and not just because they are ‘doing good’. There are geometric earth art installations which look similar.

      Nice comment! Thanks, it’s fun to examine these concepts. Love the word ‘Andalucia’. So graceful.

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