Rediscovering Shamanism

Today I attended a really great shamanism course  with the emphasis on the Divine Feminine, given by Lyn de la Motte . Not only is Lyn an experienced and practising shaman but she also does fine art and illustration like me. I found the whole course absolutely captivating and will add photos to this post when I can get my hands on some. It’s odd – sometimes the camera goes along and sometimes not. This time I made the journey to Muizenberg from Wynberg with my drum strapped to my back. It had the effect of a parachute in drag-racing to some extent but we all got there in one piece thank goodness. Really must get that topbox for the back of the bike asap.

There was a lot of new stuff I learned and I felt re-enthused and inspired to read my two books by Sarangerel again, who writes about the Siberian shamanic tradition, though she’s now based in the States. It was odd how at home I felt; I’ve been practising my rituals and so on, in isolation and really connections like this do count and make one stronger.

In this company, it’s not odd to run your life according to the behaviour of animals and insects interacting with you, it’s considered the norm. So – finding a new place to live at the end of May is going to become much easier now, many things have clarified themselves and I expect a smoothing of the path.

With the smoothing of the path, more disciplined shamanizing is expected; I’ve really been lazy in that regard. Just drumming every day makes me feel incredibly centered, clear-headed and calm, yet energized at the same time. I’ll let you know how it goes…



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