Picking it up…

This is an amazing flash-mob event, featuring a green plastic bottle left next to a bin in Quebec. Watch it and smile. This presses glad buttons for me because nothing ignites my instant fury as much as someone tossing rubbish out of their car window.

My sister is braver than I. If the cars are all stationary, she’ll leap out, retrieve the thing and give it back to the people through their car window and say ‘Excuse me, you dropped this.’ Big up to Carola! She’ll also do it in the street. I’m always swarming with embarrassment and admiration at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Picking it up…

  1. What a find.
    The music had me in goose-flesh before anything happened.
    I used to have a friend who looked like the recipient – down to the blush.

    P.S. I think I can see where you live from “my” house in Lakeside . . .

    • Hey! What fun to find this comment – thanks Ant! To be honest, I hadn’t noticed the music – you mean the Woo-hoo! at the beginning? The music that follows is rather good, now that I’ve listened to it again… it tickles around one’s temporal lobes in a most engaging way. Your friend must be lovely… I thought the woman was just adorable. Most people would have run but although she was shy and overwhelmed, she stood there and took it all in and acknowledged the applause with aplomb!

      I live in Wynberg. I’ve moved around so much that it’s hard to keep track – you can see my home from Lakeside? (And I thought you were back in Spain by now!) Am working towards a new home at the end of April or May, hoping to score a place in Kalk Bay again. Lakeside’s cool too – I like being around water.

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