Stephen Watson, a new discovery for me.

Wow – I’ve discovered a new writer, sadly because he’s just died. I didn’t know of Stephen Watson. But the Facebook friends are mentioning him with great fondness, and on looking at the tribute page, I am keen to find more of his writing, especially as he writes so beautifully about Cape Town. The few fragments that have been quoted are more than enough to send me Watson-wards.

Enjoy. And rest in peace Stephen. You are clearly missed.


3 thoughts on “Stephen Watson, a new discovery for me.

  1. Some fragments, quoted and excerpts to send us further Watson-wards.
    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of his work – I too can sense a budding love affair with the Cape and want to learn more from someone who has lived their life here.

    Here is a “full” listing of his works:

    I would like to include some other sites with his works:

    and an excerpt of one of his books about Leonard Cohen – The Music in the Ice:

    Thank you again for the heads-up

    • Oh wonderful Ant! Thanks so much! My list is growing – Walt Whitman (and Thoreau with whom I always confuse him), Allen Ginsberg and now all these listings for Stephen Watson. Such a pleasure… thanks for the new links. I really appreciate it.

    • I had to go first to the Leonard Cohen excerpt – this is a book I’ll have to own. Wow. Wow. Wow. It went straight to Facebook without even touching sides. What a wonderful way to end the day!

      Thank you for all the beauty!! XX <<>> Am keeping the rest for dipping into during the week’s little breaks.

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