The video that made me a vegan.

There isn’t much time to write at the moment – this video however is one I want to post today because I’ve been a vegan for a month and a day and one has to mark the occasion somehow.

And yes, if you give Gary the wool I’m sure he’ll make you a vegan too. Gerroutofyere, you wits, you wags…

Every vegan has their own way of doing things. I have to deal with an almost insurmountable task in that I’m a people-pleaser. It’s my star-sign, what can I do?  So – if I eat out, as in dinner at a friend’s house, then I’m not going to lift lids and ask what’s in it. I’ll eat what I’m given and enjoy it. My campaign is more of an economic kind. I will not buy milk or other dairy products and if there’s an alternative, I won’t use them in normal everyday life or order anything in a restaurant that includes dairy. Free-range eggs are okay now and again, but I seem to have lost the egg habit as well, hardly noticing that it happened.

There are funny moments along the way. Recently in Kalk Bay, (which is almost behind the lentil curtain but clearly not quite) I asked the waitron whether there was dairy in the vegetable curry. ‘Yes’, he said, as my face fell – ‘There’s coconut milk in it.’ My face rose. Quite a lot.


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