Wow – who knew about the Goliath?

In my love affair with the Borgward marque, I’d heard of the Goliath, but only in words – had never seen an image. Turns out there are now only three in the world, and they were made by Borgward as well. Here’s a most delicious blog which appeared on Freshly Pressed today, and deservedly so.

Love this car… almost as much as I love the Borgward Isabella Coupe. Well – I can dream…


2 thoughts on “Wow – who knew about the Goliath?

  1. Wow Ant – big ups to you! I am madly envious. Clearly you do have exceptional taste. I believe you re it never going wrong. My Borgwards (close cousins) gave me so much joy but with the second one I had the wrong mechanic who milked my funds for months till I found a Borgward mackie who sorted it all out for a fraction of the price. Eventually I had to let her go though… there was a film of oil on the water in the radiator which did not bode well and it looked like a problem far too expensive to fix. Now if I had a boy scout with a penknife.. But I didn’t know from them then.

    I amazed that you reacted so calmly at the injury of your car. I would have wept bitterly.


    I owned one of these for about 6 years.
    I mean, I had to have had some exceptional taste to have dared to stand out from the crowd with a vehicle that was internationally smirked upon . . .
    It had an engine that a boy scout could fix with a pen knife – but I never had to carry a boy scout in the boot as it never went wrong.
    It was 10 years old when I bought it for 300 pounds sterling and it had only done 360 miles – garaged most of the time.
    When I sold it for more than I bought it for the then owner drove it into a wall within 10 seconds of starting off . . . I just had to look at my shoes and shake my head . . .

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