So how about that wedding, huh?

Okay – I’ll admit it, I’m a closet monarchist, and a romantic to the core. I loved every minute of what I saw on TV today. It had everything – the dashing prince (and naughty Prince Harry), the fairy-tale bride/princess….dignity, beauty, creativity (the trees in Westminster Abbey! How stunning and how practical!)the uproar over Prince Andrew’s daughters’ ‘fascinators’.. fascinating they certainly were. And that’s all I’m saying…

I kept this funny link for today in honour of the occasion. Love the freedom of speech the Brits enjoy and the sense of humour they’ve evolved, simply because they’re allowed to say their say, I suspect. Wish it was so all over the world. There’d be a whole lot more laughter than tears. Freedom of speech and thought -so simple, so dangerous, so threatening to the greedy and power-hungry. It’s the reason why e.g. Silicon Valley has achieved what it has, compared to the Soviet Union. Same raw materials, similar resources, if not more, same level of intelligence, maybe even more geniuses, but all that potential has been stifled and suppressed into a stunted, sad, twisted and frustrated thing, turned in on itself, probably never to emerge as what it could have been.  It’s a tragedy for the individuals whose lives have been wasted, but a much bigger tragedy for the country and its rulers.

Okay – happy thoughts.

If you’re British, you have much to be proud of today. Nobody does pomp and glory like you do it. I loved the freshness, down-to-earth quality and dignity of the new spirits that are stepping up and I wish I was part of your ‘family’. I’m as jealous as all hell… will have to comfort myself with sunshine and good wine I guess.


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