Back soon

I’m sitting in my fabulous new place without adsl. Back when it’s connected.


2 thoughts on “Back soon

  1. Yaa!
    Wondered what happened to hedonists when they found themselves in fabulous places.
    Hope you are having a great time.
    Missing your connection though.

    I am noticing a few fence-posts missing from the line.
    Don’t think we aren’t paying attention . . .

    Hope you are using a pen and paper to capture your thoughts as you investigate/inhabit/feel your way into your new living space, because I am interested.

    To quote a good friend, “How you feel is more important than anything else, and this is something you get to choose, moment by moment. Supercoolhappy works for me.”

    Looking forward to more loose associations . . .

    • Antony! Thanks for your delightful comments. I suspect others find them a major enhancement to this blog as well.

      As for my new place – well every spot has teething problems when you move in, and things have been rather lively. More on that later.

      Loved your comment about the missing fence posts which reminded me about a remark made by a new friend the other night – ‘He had teeth here and there like an auction piano, which also had bullet holes in the back from when Tant Wilhelmina shot her husband right through the piano when she caught him messing with the maid.’ Sounded better in Afrikaans with a broad Namaqualand accent but it’s still funny….

      I shall take your advice and write in my ‘pink time’ between 4 and 7 every day. I miss my post. I miss the ordering of my chaotic thoughts, and the nailing down of what i’m thinking and feeling.

      And I’m most aware of your tut-tutting re my broken commitment…. I can hear you rolling your eyeballs heavenwards every morning. If it’s been a rough night they make a gritty sound which is painful to bear. Poor Antony. I shall get on with it. Soon.

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