Could be the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard…

Listen to this — the sound of crickets slowed down, played over their normal song. I’m profoundly moved… Would love to experiment with something similar.

And oh yes – I’m back so expect more posts soon as I try and catch up to two month’s worth of missing posts.. Will fix it partially by serialising my experiences in hospital last year. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “Could be the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard…

  1. It’s amazing Antony, that you’ve experimented like this. I think this music is utterly beautiful. I don’t know about us being easily pleased but if I am then it’s a gift I hug and treasure. Our visual/auditory skills are so limited, one is almost under an obligation to unlock the Mysteries using any technology we have, not seau?

    This now plays on my brain cd, so am happy. Pins dropping and matches being struck? You were certainly a remarkable 12-year old. Inside, I’m still only 14 as I’ve mentioned before, so bear with my unmitigated wonder…. 😀

    And now I’m off to see what Koyaanisqatsi means. Thanks for your comment! Am setting up wireless adsl to day so I can be in bed with my flu (always a gift for idle hedonists) and catch up with my blog.

  2. I used to record crickets in Kenya on my dad’s reel to reel (fero-magnetic) tape recorder on a high quality (fast) setting and then play it back at slower speeds which produced fascinating insights into crickets.
    I also listened to pins dropping and matches being struck, amongst many other moments as I could find, which created a space full of wonder for a 12 year old.
    I later, like many people, became interested in slow motion photography of water/milk drops and speeding bullets hitting objects.
    Then came Koyaanisqatsi.
    We humans seem to have a deep attraction to the patterns we find be they in the here-and-now, in the macro/microcosm, in speeding-up or slowing-down, in viewing history down a concatenated tunnel or just in fooling with colours with a paint program.
    I think we can be easily pleased at times . . .
    XX Antony

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