Ants are here,

Ants are there.

Ants are bloody



2 thoughts on “Ants!

  1. Heheheheeheheeeeee – gotcha, the larger Ant. Thanks for your response. I googled the significance of ants as a symbol, because their behaviour was extraordinery. But that’s for another post when I feel a bit better. Of course I try to understand them. I greatly admire ants. They do not slumber, nor do they sleep. They are like God.

  2. Ants are here,
    Now you just knew that I would rise to that, didn’t you?
    Ants are there.
    Is it because it is winter that the ants come indoors?
    Ants are bloody
    Squishing them is not an option, have you tried understanding them?
    Ah, life!

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