Look who I found!!!

It’s a treasure of a blog…. absolutely hilarious. Now I normally hesitate to say stuff like that, because it’s like being introduced to someone at a party with the words ‘You HAVE to meet! You’ll get on like a house on fire!!’ Or being handed a book: ‘You’ll LOVE this. You HAVE to read it!!!’


not wow.

But: Go forth to this place of mind-candy and dip into this delightful woman’s brain. Eventually I landed here  and this is the original post which enslaved me. I’m considering putting this idea out to local entrepreneurs who already make braziers out of oil drums.


What I truly enjoyed also was her instruction under one of the pix – ‘Click to embiggen. ‘ Now there is a good word. Long may it be heard.


2 thoughts on “Look who I found!!!

  1. Ant, I’ll have to kill you. You know too much!!! Seriously, am v impressed with the depth and range of your mind. It’s really amazing. Have happily watched Koyaanisqatsi bits on YouTube and it was great being reminded about Philip Glass again. His music is amazing. 

    And speaking of Pyorrn, I have a great little video that I want to upload – so thanks for reminding me of it.

  2. Embiggen is a Homer Simpson word – especially used with reference to the soul i.e “That movie embiggened me”.
    You are right – I loved scratching around that blog. But I didn’t subscribe – too North American Continent.
    Time to get on with some work now befor I slope off and watch more p0rn.

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