The internet and its many juices

I personally think porn ranges from useful to ridiculous but here’s another take on things. Which was derived from this one I think. The second one was the one I looked for originally, only to find dozens of rip-offs… the Nightmare before Christmas is one of the better ones. I really enjoy how lip-synching doesn’t have to be exact, to work.


2 thoughts on “The internet and its many juices

  1. OK, that’s it!
    You think you have my measure?
    First the “ants” post and now you warp my mind using my favourite Tim Burton movie!
    I resist, I desist, I . . . give in . . .

    Very funny sync – had a laugh –
    and then I had to browse the rest that Utube has on offer with the same title . . .
    and without a doubt your choice was best

    So here I sit wondering where these fence posts will take us?
    Around what territory will they define?
    I have to say that I am enjoying the sense of continuity and the contours of the scenery that you are plucking from the web . . .

    • Hahahaha Ant you make me laugh so much!

      The ants were really just a bookmark – I have much more to say about them.
      And about spiders.
      And about the new growly girls’ voices.
      And … so on.

      So much to say, so little time!!
      But I’ve found a way around the time issue in true hedonist style. I’m going to get a voice to text program and then you’ll all be drowned in a deluge of words.

      The fence posts will be much more many, they will define all kinds of territories, reflecting the bizarre landscape of mine answering the bizarre outposts of all of yours, when you care to reveal them by means of these postcards called comments.

      I’m very happy that you’re enjoying the trip! I had no idea that there was a sense of continuity, though I guess the only thing in common all these far-flung stations have, is the train which stops there. And the more passengers the merrier, say I. All in favour say I too.

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