Wants vs Needs

This has always been an issue with me, weighing up what I want and what I need. My fickle nature was brought into sharp focus some years ago when I was sauntering through a shopping centre with my sister. I pounced on something in an antique shop, declaring eternal love for it and that I absolutely must have it. My sister who can see me a little more clearly than I can myself, suggested we go for a cup of tea somewhere first.

This appealed to my Inner Child and off we went. After the tea, (and carrot cake probably – they make a the best carrot cake upstairs in the Riverside Centre, Rondebosch) she wondered if I wanted to go back and buy the thing I had so desired.

And I couldn’t remember what it was…

A book that’s had a great impact on my thinking is ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ which suggests you pay yourself first, in that you save 10% of everything you make, before you pay anyone, and also pay 10% to charity. Robert Kiyosaki, a more recent author and famous for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series, says the same. I know this, I agree with it, and I didn’t do it recently when I was paid for three months of hard work. Nearly all the money went on debt, and a few needful things. (Well….)

So this post came to me at a good time – before I completely mess up again, I will redress the situation while I can, and remember that superfluous things create infinite desires. There is no limit – it is never enough, until we ourselves revolt and draw a limit.

It’s the old virtue of rejecting the good for the better. Perhaps I should tattoo it round my bellybutton. Hmmm… I’ve always wanted a tattoo…


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