David Thornton rocks II

Look fortunately this guy’s stuff just appears intermittently (not many dare to take him on… in fact many stray into that field by mistake and soon find themselves in quicksand)… so my blog isn’t going to consist of miles of David Thornton, but really – I can’t bear to think of you being deprived of such genius. So – here’s the latest one. And now I’ll stop. For a while.


5 thoughts on “David Thornton rocks II

  1. Hey Ant – great to hear from you again. Yes he’s a phenomenon. Glad you’re also a fan. I hope I’m never at the bleeding end of your verbal knife if you follow in his footsteps. SPEAKING of which – where is that blog? I shall nag you till I’m too tired or you send round some emphatic people to stop me. Because I know there is so much you have to put into the world but we’re all being deprived of it. (No pressure there….) What if you’re suddenly run over by a Golden Arrow bus?

    Speaking of mad, bad and dangerous to know – you met Peter at my party and he reminds me quite a lot of this dude as well. Check out his blog at http://www.peterrobinson.co.za

  2. Thank you for this link.
    I have long been a fan of his and it is great to be reminded of his cutting wisdom.

    XX Ant

    P.S. I try to emulate him.

      • Hahahah Ant, you’ll just have to start your own blog…. and then you can choose your own gravatar. But I feel your pain. I will change back the little faces to the patterns WP used before. I didn’t know yours would turn out like this hahahaha…. and I’ve been offline all this time and unable to do anything about it. However, it looks as if I’m going to be connected now.

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