Kalk Bay does beauty, beautifully.

When you build something in Kalk Bay, it’s not allowed to be ugly. By law. Otherwise the Aesthetix Police will come and blow your ass sky-high. The Majestic development only looks the way it does because some brave locals stood up to previous attempts to mess it up and finally after giving the successful developer a lot of hell, we have something that fits. It’s all on top of each other (developers are always, well… developers) but at least it’s beautiful. And in Kalk Bay, most people are on top of each other, residentially speaking. No secrets there.

Back to matters beautiful: regard, for instance, what started out as the Sewerage Pumping Works and is now the Community Centre, where I have spent happy hours doing yoga and watching the splendid offerings of the Kalk Bay Film Circle. (From whom I’ve heard very little in the last while. Am I off their mailing list? :O Or did they just get lazy?)

Gotta love Kalk Bay. It also has people like Katherine Glenday in it… a major contributor to beauty in the world. I will do my best to draw your attention to other such splendidities over the next few weeks and months. Eating from Katherine’s porcelain bowls is the best way to start the day. Even oats porridge, can soar from humble to hedonistic when it’s destined for one of these exquisite little bowls. It has to dress for the occasion with a diced apple, a few slivers of ginger, some pounded Brazil nuts and almonds, and a good dose of cinnamon. Then a good shot of soya milk makes the joy complete. Nirvana, dudes.

By the way – speaking of one thing covering another – how’s that pretentious word ‘enrobed’? It offends me so much if I find some Woolies snack ‘enrobed’ in chocolate that I’ll skip it and go for its brother that’s only covered in chocolate. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… In my head, that word evokes a very high personage of the Catholic persuasion, covered in shit.


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