Time for the annual thought.

Reboot, refresh, replenish…. here I am again, and there have been many many times when I communicated with you dear Reader, but the words remained in my head. Thousands upon thousands of thoughts, words, pictures that flashed by unrecorded. And perhaps that’s just as well? But since my short term memory has never been good (my mother was well aware of it by the time I was 12) it would be A Good Thing to one day go back and wade through these times. Since we last spoke, I’ve moved house twice and got married once. Many other interesting things also happened.

Currently, am doing a photography course I’ve wanted to do for years – that of Erika van Breda who runs courses as CapeClick from the Creative Hub, corner of Palmer and Atlantic Road in Muizenberg. I’d highly recommend it… here are a few of my efforts so far. Don’t be put off by the lack of expertise. That’s not Erika’s fault – gradually I am learning how to use fill-in flash, how to focus, how to hold the camera steady and how to use all those mysterious buttons on my camera. Each homework session is also a learning experience in itself so I’m not too fazed about the focus being in the wrong place etc… great fun.

woodo soccerball Time packet mouse_plant


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