What to say…so many roles in life, so many titles, job descriptions, there are just so many labels. So for this corner of the net I’ve taken them all off and they are lying on the floor. Now I feel quite cold so am going to see about a hot water bottle, a sustaining book and my feathercloud of a duvet. Life can be so good.

What makes me:

Happy – a man called Stephan, beauty, the mysteries in the world, good friends, my family, gripping books, music, great silence, wine and flowers. Good movies can be great works of art and I partICularly love animation…

Sad – the usual stuff. Then it is time to turn to my Collected Works of Eddie Izzard.

Mad – the fact that people I hate and despise are merely mirrors of my darkest corners I haven’t discovered yet. Eish! The Horrer.

My websites: www.dappleshades.com (paper sculptures) and www.savyra.com (illustration, animation, design)


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    your last few entries deeply touched:
    tingle, cry, effervesce, empathise, wonder.
    Thank you for your thoughts,
    alive right now, discerning.
    XX Ant

    • Wow – thanks Ant! Your comments have SO made my day! And they sound like a haiku.

      As I’m sure you’ll understand, the ‘publish’ button was a bit hard to press sometimes but there was nothing else to say; this kind of comment helps. A lot.

      Hugs and large appreciation!

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